Partitions, Demountable

Demountable partitioning is favorable in offices as it can be easily removed and re-erected as your business evolves. We can create server rooms, reception areas, changing rooms and meeting rooms. Noise can be contained within areas in order to maintain confidentiality, for example in board rooms and human resource departments.

Demountable partitions are a lightweight system used in the workplace when fire and sound performance are not a requirement. The system comprises of an aluminum “H” section infilled with honeycomb plasterboard panels. Glazed and door modules can be integrated into the system with a wide range of wall coverings available.

Partitions, Metal Stud

Metal stud partitions are used when fire protection and / or sound reduction is a priority. The system comprises of a metal stud framework with layers of plasterboard fixed to the outside. A wide range of boards are available including moisture resistant, Fireline and Soundbloc. Boards can be finished with aluminum trims, or taping and filling to give a monolithic finish.

Partitions, Glazed

Glazed partitions are an effective solution in workplace environments, creating a division but maintaining a light and airy feel. Blinds can be integrated into the partition for the purpose of privacy and screening off an area as and when required. Doors and windows can be built in. Glazed partitions can create a modern feel, whilst timber frames may be used for a timeless classy look.
Glass can be toughened or laminated safety glass. Company logos / manifestations can be used as a design feature, or to aid privacy.
We provide a quality service installing partitions, which can be both functional and stylish, incorporating curved bulkheads for aesthetic purposes. Construction can be to your exact requirements, with finish applied to suit. Areas can be created with minimal disruption to you.

Our Partitions Projects

SLP Interiors limited can offer several types of office partitions to suit the requirements of your workplace.
The installation of partitions can solve space issues, allowing you to utilize the areas you have available.