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Sound reduction in your office: the possibilities

Noise can be a real distraction in an office, particularly if you have a number of important conference calls to make. The last thing you want in the background of an important call to a client is another conversation or even music pumping out from somebody else’s workspace. A great way around this is sound reduction.

Having less distracting noises in the office has been proven to increase productivity and enhance the working environment of employees, so how can you go about effectively reducing the sound in your office?

Metal stud partitions

If sound reduction is a priority in your office, then a metal stud partition is one of the most effective ways you can achieve it. The partition is built with a metal stud framework and then layers of plasterboard are affixed to the outside. You can choose the board depending on the individual needs of your office, so if sound is the priority, a Soundbloc board could well be for you.

Soundproofing plasterboard

One way to make a huge difference to the acoustics in a room is by going with soundproofing plasterboard. Although it won’t completely silence your office space, soundproofing plasterboard will improve the acoustics and absorb a great deal of the outside sound. So if you have a busy meeting room that you need to keep quiet so that it doesn’t distract your fellow workers, it’s a good idea to give some serious consideration to the potentially huge difference plasterboard with added soundproofing could bring.


OK, so this one may seem a little bit strange, but once you’ve got your plasterboard and partitions in place, you might want to consider some added greenery. Not only does having plants around the place improve the morale of your workers, but they also improve the air quality and they have been proven to reduce the noise in an office. The stems, branches and leaves of a plant all absorb sound, and they can also refract and deflect it – just don’t rely on plants alone to reduce the noise in your office!

As well as fitting suspended ceilings in Bristol, Bath and beyond, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to partitions. Let us help reduce the noise in your office – get in touch with us to start the discussion.


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