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A Quick Guide to Drop Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings, otherwise referred to as drop ceilings or false ceilings, work as secondary ceilings that are suspended from structural floor slabs. This system require a minimum of three to six inches of space between the main ceiling and the suspended ceiling, which allows for better acoustics, insulation and neat concealment of electrical wires and plumbing pipes. Drop ceilings have become a popular choice among architects, builders and homeowners due to building code compliance.

Drop Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling Systems

• Panel and tiles – The most common style of drop ceiling, this involves setting a series of panels or tiles onto the ceiling tee system, which is composed of long strips of galvanised steel called “mains” and shorter strips that are laid out above it called “tees.” This suspended ceiling system offers convenient access to concealed wiring and replacement of broken tiles or panels.

• Concealed grid systems – As the name implies, this suspended ceiling system neatly hides the grid by setting the panels or acoustical ceiling tiles closely next to each other. This results in a cleaner, seamless and more sophisticated look. An example of this is the clip-in suspended ceiling, where the panels are fasted into position by “clipping” them into the suspension grid.

• Stretch ceiling systems – A stretch suspended ceiling features a big single panel that is custom designed to fit an irregular shape or framework. It is typically made of vinyl, PVC, wooden veneer or decorative fabric and can come in different colours, transparency and finish.

• Monolithic metal frame plasterboard or MF suspended ceilings systems – This suspended ceiling is composed of plasterboard fixed to a metal framework, which can be specifically fabricated to be fire, moisture and noise resistant.

Suspended ceilings in Bath

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  • Mia Evans
    March 30, 2022, 2:02 am REPLY

    It got me when you said that drop-down ceilings will result in a cleaner, seamless, and more sophisticated look by having acoustical ceiling installation panels or tiles. I will suggest this to my husband when we get our house built next year after buying a piece of land two years ago. We are still just saving up for the project because we are just average earners who have a dream of having a custom home.

  • shajinterior
    August 21, 2022, 9:18 am REPLY

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