Is a suspended ceiling right for me?

A suspended ceiling is great to have if you have a certain type of room. Some things may make a suspended ceiling impractical or unsuitable for a room. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to get a suspended ceiling. 1. Height of the room Typically a suspended ceiling can [...]

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The different options you have in choosing suspended ceilings

You’ve decided that you need to install suspended ceilings, but the variety of different types can make it difficult to decide which one is for you. Here’s a rundown of the main types in order to make that decision a bit easier. Exposed or Lay-in Grid As the name suggests, this grid is visible in [...]

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A Quick Guide to Drop Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings, otherwise referred to as drop ceilings or false ceilings, work as secondary ceilings that are suspended from structural floor slabs. This system require a minimum of three to six inches of space between the main ceiling and the suspended ceiling, which allows for better acoustics, insulation and neat concealment of electrical wires and [...]

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Suspended Ceiling or Drop Ceiling: What’s the Real Deal?

What kind of ceiling are you getting? A suspended ceiling or a drop ceiling? Let’s clear the confusion once and for all. Suspended Ceiling or Drop Ceiling In the construction and design industry, suspended ceilings are also referred to as drop ceilings, dropped ceilings, drop-out ceilings, or false ceilings. All of these terminologies can be [...]

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Suspended Ceiling versus Dry Lining Ceiling: Which Is Better?

The choice of ceiling always makes a difference in the overall aesthetic of any space. Builders and homeowners frequently find themselves torn between a suspended ceiling and a dry lining ceiling. While both ceiling types are excellent, there are several factors that can affect whether they can work for your home refurbishment or office fit-out [...]

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Suspended Ceilings for Commercial Spaces: The Best Solution

Offices should be designed and built to provide optimum productivity and comfortability for employees and clients. This is why ceilings in office spaces should be considered vital. For commercial offices, suspended ceilings are one of the top choices. Here are some reasons why choosing a suspended ceiling is the best solution for your office: 1. [...]

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Why You Should Install Suspended Ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings is a rising trend in commercial properties because of its many benefits. We have listed some of these advantages below. Conceals Mechanical and Structural Components Suspended ceilings cover the ductwork, pipes, wires and ventilation systems of the actual ceiling which makes it a more cost-effective alternative than performing costly repairs and [...]

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Decorate your Suspended Ceilings With These Three Easy Steps

Suspended ceilings are installed to cover up exposed units such as pipes, wires, plumbing and ventilation system. These ceilings are cost-efficient and easy to install that is why they are widely used in commercial properties. But other than hiding structural and mechanical components, drop ceilings can look bland. If you want to revamp the look [...]

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Brand Identity Beyond the Letterhead

 Brand identity is a crucial consideration when building a business. You want to ensure that your target audience understand what you deliver, whilst creating a clear brand identity. However, developing and maintaining your brand identity goes far beyond your choice of business card and website design.  To maximise your businesses potential, you need to make [...]

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Lift your customers’ spirits by improving your premises

Your customers’ mood can drastically affect the likelihood that they will purchase goods or services from your business, which why it’s vitally important for your business’s customer-facing premises to spark positive feelings in consumers. The layout and appearance of your premises can change its ambience and the mood it creates in prospective customers. Here at [...]

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