Suspended celings and beyond: effective ways to give your office a fresh look

The office environment that you provide for staff to work in is key to helping boost their productivity and care for their wellbeing. Making sure that your office space is fresh, spacious and pleasurable to work in is a great way to go about this. Over time though, you may find yours gets tired and [...]

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Common mistakes when designing a suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings might seem fairly simple to design and install, but that doesn't stop many people from making mistakes during the process. To ensure you get it right the first time, take a look at the things you need to avoid: Not having a paper plan This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people [...]

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Replace your suspended ceiling tiles with 4 easy steps

Suspended ceilings may occasionally feel dull, and you may be wondering how to revamp your space. They may also suffer damage and get worn out. Whichever of these cases, SLP Interiors offers you these easy steps to help you replace your suspended ceiling. Protect furniture and other household items Begin your DIY by using drop [...]

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The cost of suspended ceilings: Everything you need to know

Suspended ceilings are becoming more popular among commercial and domestic property owners due to their diverse varieties. Their costs, however, vary based on their uses. Below is a guide from SLP Interiors to help you identify the factors to consider when getting a quote. Performance features Drop ceilings satisfy your decorative needs while paying attention [...]

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How office design impacts employee wellbeing

The overall design and aesthetic of the office has a huge impact on employee wellbeing and happiness while at work, which in turn has a direct impact on your company. The quality of the office in which your employees are conducting their day-to-day activities also has more of an effect on morale than you might [...]

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Simple ways to include biophilic design into your office

Biophilic design refers to connecting indoor exteriors with the outdoors. In an office environment, including elements of nature and aspects of biophilic design has been proven to improve productivity and creativity whilst reducing stress. So, how can you include biophilic design in your office? • Glass partitions Instead of wooden or metal partitions opt for [...]

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3 ways to create a better work environment for your employees

If you value your employees' wellbeing and want them to work both happily and productively, it is vital you create a positive work environment for them. Investing in the interior of your office space may seem like an unnecessary expense but the change you will see in your employees' attitude and productivity will more than [...]

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How to improve your office acoustics through suspended ceilings

f you've ever worked in an office environment, you have probably had the unpleasant experience of trying to have a telephone conversation in a noisy room. You know firsthand that the acoustics in an office can greatly affect concentration and productivity, and the more open the office space, the worse it gets. Trying to ignore [...]

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Add value to your commercial property with suspended ceilings

The ceiling is one of the most crucial parts of any space, yet it is often the most neglected area in commercial properties. It is an integral part of your space, as it delivers on both functionality and style. To add value to your commercial property, you will need to install drop ceilings where experts [...]

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3 key benefits of suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling is a key part of the design and fitting of a truly custom commercial or office space. As part of the design and fitting of your office space, it is worthwhile considering the benefits of installing a suspended or dropped ceiling by south-west suspended ceiling specialists SLP Interiors as part of your [...]

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