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5 ways to create the ultimate calming workspace

Working in an office environment can be stressful, draining, and sometimes dull, and if you have important deadlines and client meetings approaching, these stresses are amplified. Taking some time to create a workspace that encourages calm and relaxation could be the key to reducing stress and anxiety at work, while also helping to promote productivity.

1. Clean out the clutter

Here’s a nice easy one to start you off. Clean up your desk space and tidy up unnecessary papers, pens, or any other junk that you have lying around. Remember, clear workspace, clear mind.

2. Bring in some natural fauna

Plant’s will automatically brighten up your space, and bring a sense of life to your work area. If you aren’t allowed to bring plants into your office, fake it, and use a fresh smelling candle or scent diffuser instead.

3. Personalise, without going overboard

By personalising your space, you’ll feel more comfortable, focused, and calm. Bring in your own pens, notepads, calendars, desk organisers, or anything else that will create the perfect workspace for you. Just don’t go overboard, always remember tip number 1.

4. Plan ahead

Keeping on top of your workload is the easiest way to minimise stress, and ensure you are able to stay calm and relaxed throughout your working day. If you can, leave 30 minutes or so to plan the next day before you leave. You can then go straight to work the next day feeling refreshed and knowing exactly what you need to do.

5. Stay refreshed and energised

A well-hydrated worker is a happy worker. Keeping a bottle of water on your table will encourage you to drink frequently throughout the day. Your body will be well hydrated, and your mind able to focus clearly on work, reducing stress and encouraging calm.

These are just a few quick tips to help you to create a more relaxing work environment, but if you find that these don’t help, your office space may need a revamp. If this is the case, SLP Interiors is on hand to help, with the necessary expertise and ability to create a calming workspace that will boost productivity and morale.


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