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7 Aesthetic Considerations for Suspended Ceilings

7 Aesthetic Considerations for Suspended Ceilings

Once you’ve decided to install suspended ceilings on your premises, some consideration needs to be made on the overall appearance of them. While a basic design may be fine for some businesses, others might want to create a unique style. Here are 7 aesthetic aspects of suspended ceilings to think about:

1 – Colour and Finish

Ceiling tiles and panels are available in a whole range of colours. They can also be painted to match the appearance of the whole room.

2 – Materials

Ceilings come in various choices of material. Common ones include fibreglass, plastic, tin, gypsum and mineral fibre. However, bespoke choice options such as hardwood, glass and metal might also be available.

3 – Size

Off the shelf panels come in standard sizes such 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’. Would you prefer to have a square or rectangular appearance to the ceiling?

4 – Acoustical Properties

Many ceiling manufacturers have specific products that can help you get the sound conditions you want. For example, you may want to create a pleasant environment from an otherwise loud or echoey space. In general, how much do you want the suspended ceiling to absorb or deflect sound?

5 – Fire Resistance

When you’re putting up a suspended ceiling, make sure there are no existing smoke detectors or fire sprinklers that would become concealed. If so, you will need to relocate them before ceiling installation.

6 – Maintenance

Some ceiling panels are great for improving acoustics, but can be difficult to clean due to a sponge-like texture. This may not be a concern, unless the premises have strict hygiene codes.

7 – Sustainability

In an increasingly environmentally-aware commercial environment, you might want evidence that the suspended ceiling systems are made out of renewable or recyclable materials.

Suspended ceilings Bristol

At SLP Interiors, we can help you install suspended ceilings with the aesthetic considerations that are important to you. Contact us to find out more about installing a suspended ceiling in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester or elsewhere in the UK. We cover a wide range of areas.


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