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8 Must-know Trends in Office Fitouts That Will Help Boost Productivity

8 Must-know Trends in Office Fitouts That Will Help Boost Productivity

Commercial fit out design is undergoing a revolution. In response to the rise of new hybrid ways of working, office spaces are changing dramatically. As a result, we’re seeing the acceleration of trends towards a more flexible workspace designed to enhance creativity, boost productivity and bring workers back to the office.
Collaboration is key

After a year of WFH, the majority of workers are now ready to return to the office. An attractive workplace is a great solution when you’re persuading workers to reconnect and rebuild together. Glazed partitions are one way to create a formal breakout area for collaboration and creativity that connects through to the rest of the office.

Flexibility in the workspace

If you learn one lesson from the pandemic, it’s that your office space should be ready for anything. Innovation and flexibility are crucial. For example, flexible floorplates with demountable partitions can be endlessly reconfigured to meet the demands of your workforce.

Creative spaces

Creativity, collaboration and productivity go hand in hand. It’s those magic moments that happen face to face that WFH can’t replicate. Think about balancing desking areas with breakout and collaborative zones and let innovation determine your design strategy.


Your next commercial fit out needs to put accessibility and equity at the heart of your design. Creating an environment that promotes creativity and productivity for all should be at the heart of your post-pandemic strategy. Consider the traffic flow through your workspace. You’ll need to take account of social distancing and accessibility and introduce your partitions and mezzanine floors in a way that best serves your all-inclusive office.

Health and wellbeing

Feeling safe and reassured will be a critical part of any office environment post-lockdown. Touchless technology, hand sanitiser stations and increased ventilation should all be part of your design. In addition, providing bike storage and showers, exercise facilities, quiet spaces and opportunities for engagement will boost wellbeing, which is linked to better productivity.

Employees choice

The idea of providing zoned areas in the office is nothing new. But if your workplace doesn’t offer the choice and flexibility your employees crave, they may start looking elsewhere. Using metal stud partitions to create quiet areas that replicate the home office is one solution. Adding suspended ceilings that provide superior soundproofing is another excellent way to give employees a choice of working environments that make hybrid working seamless.

Designing for Generation Z

Generation Z is the next cohort to arrive in the office. And as digital natives, they’ll demand adaptive design that focuses on employee wellbeing. Upgrading your office connectivity is a great way to attract Gen Z talent to your business. Create a clean and bright design using suspended ceilings to hide utilities, and you’ll create the kind of office environment that makes for a productive employer experience.


From videos of goats invading Welsh towns to dolphins swimming in Venice’s canals, 2020 made us hyper-aware of the need to commit to sustainability and net-zero carbon targets. As an employer, you can nudge your team to make sustainable choices by providing electric car charging points or bike lockers. In the office, that translates into recycling and reusing where possible, reducing waste and choosing sustainable materials for your next fit-out. A sense of shared values, for example, around environmental issues, can boost social connections and productivity.

At SLP Interiors, we have extensive experience in office fit-outs and installing suspended ceilings in the South West. We’ll help you implement an office design that meets the needs of your workforce with attractive, accessible and functional interiors promoting collaboration and productivity. Contact us today to find out more.