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Choosing partitions that match your brand identity

Partitions are a great way to divide up large offices and other spaces without making them feel claustrophobic or cramped. They can be used to provide your employees or other premises-users with privacy or divide a workspace into separate units to improve its efficiency. However, you may be concerned about the aesthetic impact of partitions on your office or workspace. As a business owner, you probably want your partitions’ appearance to reflect your brand, your corporate outlook and your employees’ personalities. After all, it’s important for businesses to cultivate a strong sense of collective identity in order to maintain high levels of employee morale while simultaneously creating a brand that customers can identify with.

The truth is that you have no reason to worry. Here at SLP Interiors Ltd., we understand how important appearances can be for businesses that need to cultivate a brand identity. That’s why we offer the widest possible selection of partitions. In fact, we’ve created a list of factors that you should consider when choosing partitions from our range.

1. Opacity

We offer both translucent, glazed partitions and opaque ones (such as our metal stud partitions). Glazed partitions are fantastic for projecting a sense of openness and friendliness. We suggest investing in them if your business has an upbeat, welcoming brand identity. In contrast, opaque partitions help to cultivate a sense of privacy and reserve. We suggest opting for them if you run a business that needs to project an air of discreet professionalism (for example, a legal firm).

2. Shape

Partitions are available in a wide variety of different shapes. As a general rule, curved partitions tend to look more cheerful while angular partitions tend to look more restrained and professional. If your business has a casual, approachable brand identity, you may wish to use subtly curved partitions. If you have a more traditional, quietly efficient brand identity, angular partitions are the right choice for you.

3. Colour

Think carefully about the colours that reflect your brand identity. Partitions can be painted any colour once they’re installed, so it’s worth considering how your preferred partitions will look when they’ve been recoloured to match your brand.

We are happy to provide both partitions and suspended ceilings in Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Glastonbury, Wells, Gloucester, Shepton Mallet and the South West. However, it’s up to you to choose partitions that suit your business. Contact us today.


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