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Innovative Office Partition Ideas

Office partitions are a series of panels designed to save space whilst giving employees the comfort of having their own cubicle. Over the past years, these have grown in popularity and importance as employers aim to give their staff personal workspaces.

If you’re looking to get partitions for your office, we are here to give you some ideas on how you can segment your work area in a unique and interesting way.

Part Plaster, Part Glass

One of the easiest ways to divide your space is by utilising plaster in connection to glass walls. This combination allows plenty of natural light to come in without sacrificing privacy. Part plaster, part glass partitions are a great alternative to monotonous traditional partitions.

Wooden Pallets

To create a rustic look, use wooden pallets to segment your workplace. They are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option as they can be made from recycled materials. They not only beautify your office, but also help create a sustainable environment.

Plant Walls

Adding some greenery is another great way to innovate your office partitions. Attaching boxes of plants to your basic partitions can provide a number of benefits. This can help to minimise air pollution, keep the air temperature down, and help induce a relaxing atmosphere.

Patterned Frosted Glass

Glazed partitions are a common choice in offices today. They allow optimal distribution of light, create an impression of spaciousness, and reduce noise. To take your normal glass partitions up a notch, you can use custom frosting designs. A geometric design or your company logo can be used to decorate your glass partition.

SLP Interiors offer office fit-out, full commercial or retail fit of suspended ceilings, partitions (solid or glazed), dry lining and plastering services. We are committed to help you create a healthier, happier and more productive workplace. Please call us on 0117 2140852 or email us at info@slpinteriorslimited.com for any enquiries.


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