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Office Design Trends for 2019

In this competitive workplace landscape, attracting and retaining the best talent can help companies succeed. With this in mind, it is important to understand what potential recruits want in a workplace environment while taking into consideration the expectations of current employees. To help you decide what office design to adopt, here are some of the trends that you can consider this 2019.

Old Meets New

This trend will continue to gain momentum this year. It centres on bringing new life to old buildings and spaces by adding modern furniture and décor. This design moves into the future while preserving the craftsmanship built in the past. It may include antique and weathered textures, industrial style brickwork and concrete flooring.

Concentration Spaces

Some employers want to provide their staff specialised workspaces where they can accomplish tasks at hand. As such, there is a demand for quiet spaces where individuals can focus on their work without interruption. Small pods and library-style spaces can ensure that employees will have the right area with minimal distractions. These spaces will be perfect for those participating in video conference calls and those who are finishing difficult analytical tasks.

Experience-driven Space

This trend includes a variety of characteristics, which prioritises employees’ experience at work. Experience-Driven Spaces are focused on developing the overall happiness and morale of everyone, from interns to top-floor executives. Some of the features included are: meditation areas, game rooms, jogging trails and coffee bars.

The Green Workplace

This trend has been a fundamental element of modern office design. It brings nature indoors by adding portable living walls, live plants, woods, stone and natural lighting to offices.

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