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Suspended ceilings South West – a handy tip on reducing office noise?

Suspended ceilings South West – a handy tip on reducing office noise?

Open plan office designs have been in vogue for a while now and bring a host of benefits from greater collaboration to more efficient use of space. One slight drawback many businesses can face with this approach though is the amount of unwanted noise it creates. High noise levels can often distract staff from working and also lead to frustration if they are being constantly disturbed by it.

It, therefore, makes sense to find ways to cut down on unwanted noise in an open-plan office. But how can you do it? Suspended ceilings are perhaps the best way to go about it.

Reduce office noise with suspended ceilings

This solution has been used by businesses for a long time now and has really stood the test of time. The panels used in quality suspended ceilings are designed to absorb sound. This helps to reduce reverberation of general office noise but also reduces ambient noise too. As such, they provide a simple and cost-effective way of reducing noise in your office.

As well as this option to cut back on workplace noise, you could also try out the below, alongside it, for greater impact.

Re-jig your layout

A good place to start is with your overall office layout. Big, open spaces will carry sound so it is worth thinking about installing partitions at strategic locations. Even a few low-level ones will prevent noise travelling quite so much.

Install noise-friendly flooring

Although many modern offices will use materials like polished concrete for their floors, this is not always great for reducing noise. Instead, think about moving back to carpet or even vinyl flooring to make things more peaceful.

Call today for the best suspending ceilings South-West wide

For suspended ceilings Glastonbury businesses will love or ones that any organisation in the South West will benefit from, call SLP Interiors today on 07967441683. We are experts in the installation of this modern solution and can help advise on the best type to use for your business. Not only will a suspended ceiling help cut back on unwanted noise but it will also look great too.


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  • Charlotte Fleet
    October 28, 2022, 11:19 pm REPLY

    You made a good point on how noise-friendly flooring, such as vinyl or carpet, is good for making workspaces more peaceful. My dad wants to improve the productivity of the employees of his small business by providing a quieter office. On top of quality flooring, I think my dad should look into hiring a consulting service to help minimize the office noise.