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Suspended ceilings South-West: What lighting should you choose?

Suspended ceilings South-West: What lighting should you choose?

Being a few weeks into the New Year, many businesses may start considering how they wish to refurbish their offices in 2020. One option is lighting, but knowing what will work with suspended ceilings can be difficult. Below, we’ve outlined a few possible options.

Fluorescent light fixtures

Fluorescent light fixtures work well with suspended ceilings: they’re energy-saving and are often used in commercial and domestic projects. Ceiling-mounted, this choice of lighting will provide overall illumination while cutting down your energy bills. However, make sure to take into account the building codes regarding these fixtures. For example, the light fixture’s wires would need to be encased in a flexible conduit of material.

Recessed lighting

Another option is recessed lighting, which is low profile but provides the level of lighting that most people need, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Bear in mind the bulb that accompanies this. LED or halogen bulbs are much more preferable than incandescent bulbs, as the lower wattage means less heat is produced by the bulbs themselves. LED panels tend to be a great choice – they’re cost-effective, consuming minimal energy but generating a lot of light. They even have a life expectancy that reaches an impressive 50,000 hours, so they won’t need replacing for many years, if at all.

Mounted lights

The final type of lighting suitable for a suspended ceiling is mounted lights. Just make sure that they are correctly installed because they are actually supported by the ceiling above the suspended grid system. Once fitted, mounted lights hang below the ceiling or can rest flat against the surface.

At SLP Interiors, we fit high-quality suspended ceilings South-West wide which will complement whichever choice of lighting you go for. Whether you’re in Bath, Bristol, Gloucester or anywhere else in the South-West, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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