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Suspended Ceilings Swindon – To paint or not to paint?

Suspended Ceilings Swindon – To paint or not to paint?

When you’re installing a suspended ceiling, you might want to consider if you’re likely to paint the tiles so that they fit in with the overall room design. There are a few important things to think about.

Check the warranty

The first thing is to check the manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty to see if the painting will invalidate the tile’s fire rating or acoustic properties. There is some evidence that a layer of point might negatively impact the tile regarding acoustic absorption, light reflection, fire performance or sag.

Other disadvantages of painting tiles

If your tiles have a particular pattern or texture, painting can make them less distinct and striking. Moreover, the adhesive qualities of the paint will stick the tiles to the grid, making it complicated and messy to remove them. Of course, the actual act of painting them post-installation is also awkward, potentially messy and disruptive.

Best practice for painting suspended ceiling tiles

The best time to paint individual ceiling tiles is before the suspended ceiling is actually installed. In the case of post-installation, the tiles should be removed from the ceiling grid in order to be painted individually at ground level. However, be careful to tape the grid beforehand keep it intact. Also, lay the tiles on a flat surface during painting and drying. Otherwise, the weight of the paint will cause the tiles to sag and become disfigured. If possible, do the painting in a room where the spray won’t stain furniture and decor.

What paint to use

Although normal emulsion paint can be used, there are other more practical options. For example, a special “non-bridging” paint can solve the worry of tiles getting stuck in the grid. Also, be aware that standard paint isn’t stain cloaking or acoustically neutral.

Final decision

Overall, painting suspended ceilings Swindon tiles is a feasible option. However, bear in mind that you need to follow the above best practice and be aware that it can be a monumental hassle and disruption. Most importantly, check that you are not impacting on the fire safety of your building.

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