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The cost of suspended ceilings: Everything you need to know

Suspended ceilings are becoming more popular among commercial and domestic property owners due to their diverse varieties. Their costs, however, vary based on their uses. Below is a guide from SLP Interiors to help you identify the factors to consider when getting a quote.

Performance features

Drop ceilings satisfy your decorative needs while paying attention to acoustic requirements and hiding any wiring. Suspended ceilings used for special features such as air conditioning, however, come with an added cost as opposed to those used for decorative purposes. Fire resistant suspended ceilings, for instance, are resin-coated to help protect your assets. Such a unique feature will cost you double the price of a standard ceiling. SLP Interiors’ clients can, however, count on suspended ceilings at Swindon to get the right price.


For different materials of suspended ceilings, South West customers can rely on SLP Interiors to provide a variety, from metal to wood. If you are on a tight budget, wood ceilings should be your go-to since they are cheapest to buy and install. Plastic tiles are also a good alternative due to their pocket-friendly costs, unlike metallic ceilings that tend to be of a moderate to high price range.


High style ceilings with delicate installation requirements require a high cost of manufacture. They are, therefore, likely to be expensive. Alternatively, if you want cheaper designs, SLP Interiors will provide suspended ceilings Wells customers love with pocket-friendly costs.

Light systems

Suspended ceilings also have a variety of lighting options. Ceilings requiring numerous and complex light systems will cost you more than those with easy light fittings. For any of these options, suspended ceilings Gloucester clients trust can have bespoke light designs from SLP Interiors.

Whether you are looking for high style ceilings or a laid-back design, contact SLP Interiors to get a quote for a worthwhile investment.


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