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The Proper Arrangement of Suspended Ceilings in A Restaurant: Things To Check Before You Make a Mistake

The Proper Arrangement of Suspended Ceilings in A Restaurant: Things To Check Before You Make a Mistake

Suspended ceilings can make a fantastic impression in a restaurant environment. The unique combination of functionality and aesthetics can really bring the interior alive and create a stunning first impression for guests. Get it wrong, however, and you could have an expensive mistake on your hands.

So why should you choose a suspended ceiling for your restaurant, and what do you need to check to avoid making a mistake?

Is a suspended ceiling the right choice for your restaurant?

Good restaurants are about more than food. They’re about aesthetics and atmosphere, and suspended ceilings have a role to play in both. In terms of acoustics, restaurants can be large and noisy places where sound echoes and vibrates. A suspended ceiling is an effective way to dampen and control noise and create an ambience that delivers a premium experience for your customers.

In terms of aesthetics, suspended ceilings conceal cabling and ductwork and create a streamlined appearance. With a vast range of decorative effects available, this type of ceiling can look stunning and optimise acoustic performance.

What to check for before you install a suspended ceiling

In a large and empty space like a restaurant, it’s essential to be aware of the visual impact of your design choices and the impact on the acoustic parameters. So it’s paramount that you check the materials you’re using for the best results.

But choosing suitable materials isn’t the only consideration. You’ll also need to check the density and thickness of the panels you’re using, plus their surface structure to ensure it’s suitable for your installation.

Next, you’ll need to thoroughly check the support structure as the construction of the grid and the tiles can significantly affect acoustic performance. Another consideration is ease of use, as access to the service equipment concealed by the ceiling is equally essential.

Making the right choice

The right choice of materials and installation method will make a massive difference to performance and finish. For example, you can create a feeling of intimacy with recessed panels mounted low to create a cosy and comfortable feel. Clip-in ceilings are an excellent choice when you don’t want to see an exposed grid as they create a streamlined and polished look.

On the other hand, you might like the contemporary minimalism of an M/F plaster ceiling with its sleek, monolithic look. Or suppose you like an industrial or vintage style. In that case, a traditional lay-in grid ceiling creates a bold geometric look and can be finished with a vast array of different tiles.

What’s important is that your ceiling design perfectly complements your restaurant style and is executed to the highest standards by experts. At SLP Interiors, we’re experienced in retail and commercial fit out. As a result, we can install your choice of suspended ceilings with exceptional results.

Getting it right

Suspended ceilings are an excellent choice for restaurants because they offer noise and fire control, energy efficiency, durability and mould and mildew resistance. In addition, optimising acoustics creates a welcoming space for guests who can converse easily and enjoy their meals in a pleasant atmosphere.

Ceiling panels also improve the aesthetics of a large, empty space. And you can use them to create a signature branded look that’s effortlessly Instagrammable. But to get the effect right, you need to work with a professional company that can deliver the ambience you require with durable, sustainable and eye-catching materials.

Are you looking for a polished and professional finish for your restaurant? We install suspended ceilings in Bristol and across the South West. Visit the office or drop us a line to see how a suspended ceiling can help you enhance the appeal of your restaurant.