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Three Ways An Office Fit-out and Design Can Strengthen Your Business and Its Culture

Three Ways An Office Fit-out and Design Can Strengthen Your Business and Its Culture

Could an office fit out significantly strengthen your business and its culture? If implemented the right way, yes, the process can be transformative. Here are three reasons to take the next step  and turn your commercial space into an asset you, your employees, and your customers will love.

1. Building a unique space can build your reputation

When visitors arrive at your office, how do they feel? Excited or low? Curious or disengaged? Your interior spaces should elicit positive emotions designed to help people get under the skin of what you do. They’ll leave with a skip in their stride instead of a cloud over their head.

But to transform your prospects’ state of mind you’ll need to transform your environment first. That’s why investing in an office fit out makes so much sense.

How can refitting your office space improve your fortunes and build better relationships with customers and other stakeholders? Here are just two ways to boost your business:

Create a great first impression using colour, light, and space

A roomy reception area decked out with brand new couches, chairs, and tables is bound to make visitors feel welcome and put them in a more receptive frame of mind. Throw into the mix a suspended ceiling to make the waiting area feel open instead of claustrophobic, and you’ve already got your visitors’ attention.

Highlight your values to make your brand more credible

An office refit isn’t about modernising for the sake of it. The changes you make should reflect your company values too. Make sure your colour schemes, partitions, and layouts tell your business story – so that visitors leave with a positive emotional impression of your business and are more likely to remember and want to work with you in the future.

2. It can create a culture your employees will love

An office fit out can be transformational – provided change is driven by genuine values that aren’t just words on paper. Here’s how to get your teams excited about coming to work again:

Make a specific space for meetings

Do you hold 1:1s in the corridor, at the local coffee bar, or while huddled in the corner and whispering? Employees are unlikely to engage in such situations, fearing their private conversation could be overheard or misconstrued.

Using solid partitions to create a private meeting space will encourage team members to respond positively to questions and feedback. This will be good for their development and provide you with a deeper understanding of what’s working in your business and what isn’t.

Bin open offices in favour of dedicated spaces

If your accounts, marketing, and sales teams are co-mingling, productivity levels are probably low and interruptions normal. Why not create some essential separation by using glazed partitions to break your workspace into dedicated areas? That way, people will still see one another but can work without distraction.

3. It can help you retain clients — and win new ones

Your office fit-out will also be a branding exercise that could help you win new customers. Ask yourself: would you be impressed by threadbare carpets, dull colour schemes, and cramped spaces populated with stressed out employees and filled with noise? Probably not.

Conversely, a bright working environment separated into dedicated areas, and brimming over with happy employees, can create a different first impression altogether.

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