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Three Ways to Improve Focus in the Office

Three Ways to Improve Focus in the Office

As offices open back up all around the South West and workers slowly trickle back to in-person working, many companies will be seeking ways to help their employees to stay focused, relaxed and productive as they readjust to their new environment.

Here are three ways to improve focus in the office, both in more ordinary circumstances and throughout the transition period for returning co-workers.

1. Reduce Noise

When pressed for time or a little jaded, there’s nothing worse than bursts of sound from passing co-workers, shifting furniture upstairs or a juddering air-conditioner. Ear-mufflers are well and good, but too little sound can breed boredom.

A suspended ceiling acts as a natural acoustic absorber, softening echoing footsteps and bursts of laughter from down the corridor, putting a muffling barrier between floors and between work-space and utility-space — without suppressing the gentle white noise and ambient buzz of the office that many find agreeable.

2. Add a Dash of Green

Potted plants are infiltrating nearly every office space on earth. Office plants provide natural breaks in the workplace landscape, especially when situated in a break area, an office thoroughfare or an otherwise-featureless alcove.

Evidence also suggests they reduce employee cortisol levels and improve air quality. At the very least, your more green-fingered workers will enjoy taking a walk around the office watering the company foliage.

3. Temperature Control

A chilly or a sweltering office both lead to dissatisfied employees, slow work and office “temperature-politics”, with some people preferring different temperatures to others. In winter draughts can be distracting and unpleasant, while the too-hot-too-cold cycle of poor air-conditioning in the summer months is unpleasant for all involved.

A suspended ceiling allows for far better temperature control thanks to its insulating properties and distribution of heating and air conditioning. The maintenance of a steady office temperature allows coworkers to adjust in their own time, mitigates the highs and lows of summer and winter and thus improves productivity and focus.

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