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Trending Suspended Ceilings Ideas For Your Commercial Space

Trending Suspended Ceilings Ideas For Your Commercial Space

If you’re looking for your next commercial fit out to update your space, don’t forget the ceiling. You might be surprised just how much suspended ceilings can contribute to the aesthetics of an office. In addition, a well-designed ceiling contributes to both the energy efficiency of your space and creates a professional finish. Here’s what’s currently trending in suspended ceiling design.

Sleek and minimal

One of the significant trends in office design is minimalism. Decluttering and creating streamlined interiors helps to reduce stress and keep employees focused. For example, an M/F plaster ceiling delivers a streamlined monolithic appearance that hides distracting cables and conduits to create a calm, creative and productive office space.

Home comforts

As workers return to the office post-lockdown, one of the critical considerations in office design is creating cosy and comfortable spaces that blur the line between home and office. Designers are playing around with the possibilities of suspended ceilings to alter the dynamics of the office and create greater intimacy. Clip-in ceilings can be finished with a wide range of tiles to create a welcoming and cocooning space that eases employees back into office life.

Flexible workspace

The modern office is strong on collaboration, with breakout spaces and quiet zones to add flexibility. A combination of demountable partitions and the strong geometry of a lay-in grid ceiling create a modern and airy space that works for the needs of employers and teams. Several decorative finishes are also possible to help delineate the space and add interest to the design.

At SLP Interiors, we’re experts in commercial and retail fit out. So if you’re looking to modernise your office with suspended ceilings in Bristol or the South West, contact us today and we can help you get the look.