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Types of Wall Partitioning for Homes and Offices

Types of Wall Partitioning for Homes and Offices

Wall partitioning is invaluable when you want to create defined spaces in a domestic or commercial fit out. In the post-Covid world, they’re also helpful for controlling traffic flows and creating private areas for work pods or a home office. Lightweight and cost-effective, flexible and highly adaptable partitions can be constructed anywhere to make the best use of your space.

Wall partitioning, like the use of suspended ceilings, gives you more scope to design streamlined interiors with clever use of space and superior sound insulation. To use partitioning effectively, you need to know what’s available, so read on for our quick guide to solid and demountable partitions.

Glass partition walls

Glazed partitions are a highly effective way to divide your space while maintaining a light and airy feel. Lightweight and easy to construct, glass partitions are highly suited to both the home and the office. In addition, there’s no need to sacrifice privacy with a range of glazing options or with the addition of built-in blinds. Incorporating a corporate logo is a popular choice and also functions as a glass manifestation to meet health and safety regulations in a commercial setting.

Glass partitions are a stylish choice for the home, creating an effortlessly modern aesthetic. In the office, they provide reasonable levels of sound insulation and high levels of natural light. In addition, the wide range of glazing options means your partition can blend seamlessly with classic and contemporary interiors.

Metal stud partitions

Metal stud solid partitions are a well-considered choice for domestic and commercial settings when you need to create privacy with a sense of permanence.

Strong, thin, lightweight and durable, this partition type is also highly fire-resistant, especially when finished with Fireline plasterboard. Constructed using steel lathes that are bolted together, meaning you can partition a space quickly and cost-effectively. This partitioning method also eliminates the pops in plasterboard that can mean costly callbacks in a commercial fit out.

For additional privacy, metal stud partitions can be fitted with insulation, making them highly effective at blocking sound when finished with Soundbloc plasterboard. Options for moisture resistance are also available. Metal stud walls can be finished with aluminium trim for commercial or retail settings or taping and filling for the home.

Demountable partitions

One of the biggest design trends in contemporary interiors is broken plan design or partitioning previously open-plan spaces. Demountable partitions are an ideal solution when you want to zone and rezone an area without compromising light and flow through your rooms. However, suppose you settle on a more permanent room configuration. In that case, you can then swap out demountable partitions for glazed or solid alternatives.

In a similar vein, movable office partitions are a clever way to use space effectively by partitioning up an open place space in a few minutes. As hybrid working becomes more popular across the UK, the flexibility to change the configuration of your office will become invaluable.

This lightweight and practical solution uses aluminium H sections in-filled with honeycomb plasterboard. Other options include glazing and door modules, allowing you to create an infinite number of layouts that can grow with your business.

SLP Interiors can help

If you want to optimise the use of the space you have at home or in the office, contact SLP Interiors. If you’re looking to create stunning commercial and domestic interiors, our range of solid, demountable and glazed partitions can help you effectively and creatively zone your space. So get in touch with us today and let our partition experts find the right solution for your home or office.