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5 Ways How You Benefit From Having Suspended Ceilings in Bristol Office

5 Ways How You Benefit From Having Suspended Ceilings in Bristol Office

If you’re looking to fit out your Bristol office, have you considered suspended ceilings? They’re a great way to create productive spaces that your team will love. Here are five ways you can benefit from replacing your old plaster ceilings.

1.  Improved energy efficiency

The UK faces legally binding targets to achieve net carbon zero by 2050. But sizeable open place spaces with high ceilings can cost a fortune to heat. Implementing suspended ceilings during your commercial fit out can create energy savings of up to 17% and bring down your running costs significantly.

1.  Better soundproofing

As we move into the hybrid work future, workers will expect greater privacy when returning to the office. Combining solid or demountable partitions and acoustic tile options creates a workplace that embraces privacy and security.

2.  Ease of access

Installing a suspended ceiling creates a clean and streamlined aesthetic, hiding unsightly wiring and pipes. However, those structural components still need to be accessible for repair and maintenance. Depending on the type of suspended ceiling you choose, the tiles or panels will be easy to lift out and replace, allowing work to take place with minimum disruption.

3.  Greater hygiene

If you’re installing suspended ceilings in areas vulnerable to mould and bacteria, they can be treated with anti-microbial products to reduce the occurrence of any problems.

4.  A customised finish

The goal of good office design is to create a space that fosters collaboration, creativity and productivity. Suspended ceilings can brighten up an area or create an unmissable feature. From bright white to embossed and coloured panels, your ceiling can match any interior.

At SLP Interiors, we specialise in suspended ceilings and wall partitions for domestic, commercial and retail fit out. To find out more, contact us today.