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Office fit out guide: checklist and tips

Office fit out guide: checklist and tips

If you’re considering a commercial fit out for your office, there are a few key things to bear in mind. Whether you’re moving into a brand new space or want to refresh your existing one, here’s our guide on getting the best results from your office fit out.


  1. Get a great team together – make sure you have a project leader who can take responsibility and stay in touch with the contractor.
  2. Set a budget – this needs to be realistic and include a 5-10% contingency. Consider design costs as well as material and construction costs.
  3. Find the perfect location – are you redesigning your current office or moving somewhere new? Make sure the space is confirmed before hiring contractors.
  4. Consider technology requirements and storage – will your commercial fit out allow for high-speed internet? And is there enough space to store equipment?
  5. Think about the layout – this is a crucial factor. How do you want your office to work as a space? Will it be open-plan? Perhaps you’re keen to include solid or glazed partitions or would prefer individual small offices. How about a mezzanine?
  6. Factor in growth – your team size will influence your office fit out. Do you plan to expand in the next couple of years? If so, you’ll want to factor this into your commercial fit out so there’s room for all those new employees.

Top tips

Plan ahead

When embarking on your office fit out journey, it’s best not to rush into it. Give yourself time to organise every detail. Moving? Consider details such as phone lines and broadband installation ahead of moving in.

Seek inspiration

It’s a good idea to explore local offices and see what design trends are about.

Get some expert advice

Whether you’re looking to refresh your current office with some new partition walls or want a full makeover, we’re here to help. Contact SLP Interiors for professional service at an unbeatable price.